Chapter 1. Montanera 2012/2013. Scarce production

We are ending the slaughter of pigs Iberian Acorn 2013 campaign. Since the beginning of January to mid-March and the rate of 130-140 pigs truck every day, a team-staff of 14 professionals in the craft of charcuterie makes cutting in our modern facilities in Guijuelo "Cradle of Iberian ham." Beher comprises a total of 80 workers with the industry adding livestock farms.

Iberian pigs that have passed since the 90/100 kg (8/9 pounds ) to 160 even 180 kg ( 14/16 pounds ) , from October until their final fattening on acorns accompanied with exquisite meadows pasture , naturally. Since its birth it's been between 16 and 22 months of age free range very slowly and carefully to achieve optimal size Montanera fattening. This campaign has been characterized by a shortage of acorns. The cork unlike other years that support the final shot have had virtually acorn, the oak tree being the sustenance which occupies more than 70 % of the trees. So in Beher , we have reduced the place of animals of different farms in relation to other years between 30-40 % for they had enough food to reach your optimal weight.

We selected this campaign in the Alentejo region of Portugal, the Sierra Norte de Sevilla and the South of the province of Badajoz as preferential for the fattening of our production. As scarce acorns in the campaign, each pig needs 2 or 3 ha for farming, considering that the tree population has a density of about 50 oak trees per ha.

This campaign also noted for the large decline in the breeding and slaughter of pigs . The current crisis affecting consumption and the primary sector is not free , the field has led to the reduction of cabin acorn animals by 50% in the last 4 years, from 800,000 animals in the campaign 2010 to 400,000 pigs acorn scarce this year.

This reduction will result in the cabin next few years a significant decline in the supply of ahms and shoulders iberian acorn possibly help restore the great prestige enjoyed by these unique products in the world.

By our hand and to provide the best products to market and continue our production of pure Iberian pigs breeding in the wild, and have decided to keep the usual guarantee our customers the best products regularly productions.

Chapter 2. Supreme excellence in products BEHER acorn 2013-14 campaign.

BEHER products from last season acorn reach historic levels of quality due to the abundance of acorns and the long stay of the pigs on the open range.

In 2014 the population of the Iberian pig has been reduced below 50 % in the last 5 years. To be reduced livestock, increases the availability of pastures; thus increasing the area of open range and number of acorns available.

The high oil content of the acorn - approx 8% - with high oleic acid, transferred that quality to pork fat, so that a greater amount of acorns eaten more fat quality of the final product. We recall that an Iberian pig in mast can eat about 6/8 kg of acorns a day.

Recall that the open range period ranges from October to March. Typically during this period is that pigs walk in the meadows when they reach 80 or 100 kg, taking advantage of the natural resources of this magnificent ecosystem gaining weight from 50 to 80 kg based on grass, grass and acorns for a minimum of 3 months, at least those of BEHER to reach the optimal minimum slaughter weight of 14-16 @.

Pigs have enjoyed BEHER montanera 2014 in Alentejo, Portugal (neighboring region of the province of Badajoz); in the Valley of the Pedroches (Córdoba); in the Sierra de San Pedro (southwest of the province of Cáceres), on bank of Yeltes (west of the province of Salamanca) and the Sierra Norte de Sevilla .

The fact that larger area than in previous years montanera and increase the availability of acorns per animal exists in this campaign, gives the option to start the open range pigs with weights, lower than usual, and stay in it longer. Another factor that has led to a long period of montanera is that the pastures where they have enjoyed BEHER pigs have a 20 and 30% of oak in their woodlands. The oak acorn is later, so the animals have fresh acorn during the final months of open range.

Some pigs BEHER have gained more than 80 kg on acorns and natural resources during the last campaign. This creates a difficult decision for the entrepreneur: quality or profitability? for high quality products requires greater age pig keeping the fruits on the meadow, his sacrifice is delayed, which makes the return on investment is longer term due to longer cure meat products Iberian high oleic from these animals. However, if we get higher returns, would suffice to sacrifice Iberian pigs with 14 months once reached 140 kg after two months on the open range .

BEHER, following its commitment to quality, has opted to keep as long as the pigs in the open range, obtaining a particularly outstanding products in the amount of exercise you have pigs and the amount of acorns they have consumed. Although for optimal healing of these products is necessary to prolong the healing process longer, the satisfaction of getting the consumer a unique product for its quality greatly alleviates the added assumption of costs by increasing the time healing.

Pigs were slaughtered BEHER weighing 15 to 17 @ (from 172.5 to 195.5 kg) and with an age of 16-22 months.

Tradition since early last century brings us to maintain unit of measure for the weight of pigs in "arrobas", now best known for the "@" symbol . To measure the weight is still used at sign @, equal to 11.5 kg in the SI, and, for economic evaluations, in some cases using ptas/@ so others €/@.

Hams from 100% Iberian acorn 2014, now in its healing phase in 2017 will be one of the most appreciated for their supreme excellence delicacies. Very soon we will enjoy the loins and sausages from the meat of pigs Campaign 2014. It's hard to attend again all the circumstances that have coexisted for the last few months up to several years, so we can definitely qualify campaign 2013-2014 as excellent.